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AXIA: The world’s 1st extra dry mastiha sings exclusive distribution with Beverage World

Today, Axia Spirit, the world’s first extra dry spirit strength mastiha distilled from the Mastic trees of Chios, announced a new distribution agreement with Beverage World ahead of it its global launch.

“As Chios is the island of origin for Axia, Greece is a significant market for the brand and we are very excited to be working with Beverage World,” says Tony Chvala, CEO of Axia Spirits. “Axia has twisted the rules on the traditional mastiha, and Beverage World will be a crucial partner to help in the re-education of our spirit that is positioned across white spirits.”

The strategic partnership with Beverage World will allow Axia to represent its new mastiha spirit in premier outlets throughout the Greece for its launch in July 2021. In addition to its agreement with Beverage Wolrd, Axia has signed two separate exclusive agreements with notable distributors in the United Kingdom and United States.

“We are delighted to introduce Axia to our loyal customers in the Greek market”, says Stefanos Loizos, Marketing & Trade Manager at Beverage World. “This premium spirit offers a fresh take on a traditional mastiha, and we strongly feel our Greek consumers will embrace the versatility and bold flavor of Axia.”

Axia Spirit is a new brand, born out of thousands of years of Greek tradition. It’s the world’s first extra dry mastiha brand, at spirit strength of 40% ABV. Distilled from the resin crystals of the Mastic tree that only grow on the Greek island of Chios. It’s exceptionally versatile and has a distinctive and complex flavour that can be enjoyed neat or in a wide range of mixed drinks and cocktails.

About AXIA

Axia is the world’s first extra dry spirit strength mastiha (pronounced Mas Tik aa). Produced from mastic trees that originate and grow in the southern part of the Greek Island of Chios. Cultivating mastic is an age old and sustainable practice that is both time and labour intensive. The tree’s and “milked” and left to dry in the wind, which forms mastic crystals that are collected, cleaned and graded by hand. The crystals are twice distilled in a process that combines the age-old art of the hand-crafted copper still with cutting-edge science. The end result is a premium, unsweetened 40% ABV spirit with velvety flavour notes of bergamot, cedar, cypress, mint, grass and pepper and a fragrant, rose aroma. Follow us on Instagram @axiaspirit or visit our website –

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